A LOT of things have changed since the last update! I added a few things to kick the adrenaline a bit, as well as a few additions and bug fixes. Here's what's changed:

- Added bombs

- Bombs take away life points instead of the ball

- Bombs explode within an explosion

- Ball adds 5 bullets to the player's bucket when bounced

- Ball removes player bullets when missed and also resets score back to 0

- Ball no longer takes away life points

- Losing a life no longer resets player bullet count

- Background moves faster

- Ball moves faster

- Added pausing (press Space or Start)

- When player runs out of bullets and has no shield, other player wins

- Power-ups now have shields

I feel this update will make the game feel a little more challenging and energy driven. Also a possible Steam export might be available soon...


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Sep 26, 2017

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